The RefleX Factor


Energy; constant movement, perpetual motion, chaotic, expanding, contracting. We struggle to understand it and we strive to harness and control it. But in terms of our physical selves we don’t give it a second thought.

We should.

All molecular activity in the body happens as part of an energetic chain reaction and these reactions are constantly taking place within the physical environment. Provided all processes are occurring without interruption or impediment, this constant energy flow creates a physiological symphony. However, when these processes lose their natural harmony it becomes a veritable energetic cacophony; out of time, out of tune and out of rhythm!

These energetic imbalances result in a disturbance of the physical and mental equilibrium. Energy moves outwards and downwards to the extremities (expansion), then returns to its point of origin (retraction). However, if this energy flow encounters ‘drag’ in the form of obstacles (i.e. tense muscles) or distractions (i.e. excess toxins), the natural rhythm is interrupted, resulting in either a build-up of energy at a particular point in the body or a reduction or shortage of energy elsewhere in the body. The physiological functioning of all of the systems of the body is designed to be a harmonious exchange. We expect it to respond and keep up with our daily challenges and lifestyle choices. Sometimes the body can’t and as a result our health suffers.


The energy that moves through the body can be influenced by pressing points on the soles of the feet. The feet are the furthest point (extremity) from the energy source or point of origin in the body and in the same way that a ball must first fall downwards then bounce back upwards, how it bounces back up is directly influenced by the point it hits on the ground. So the body map on the sole of the foot in Reflexology reflects both the energy point of contact (bounce point) and its point of origin.

Reflexology involves a pulsating, rhythmic pressing of all of these points and aims to re-balance the natural energy rhythm of the individual being treated. The treatment itself should be comforting and comfortable as the relaxing and soporific technique is applied. Depending on the state of health of the client and the condition being treated, considerable improvement may be noted after the 2nd or 3rd regular session. Reflexology is one of the most accessible treatments as the client need only remove their shoes and socks. In terms of Health Management it is extremely useful where a more subtle approach or less invasive treatment is desired, and is completely complementary to all other forms of treatment.

So why not try it and get the refleX Factor!

Article written by Heather Langley